What is the material of false eyelashes

Every girl has false eyelashes on her dressing table, which has become an indispensable tool in our daily life, but what is the material of false eyelashes?

The first category is false eyelashes of real hair. This kind of eyelash is made of natural hair, such as mink hair, horse hair and even human hair and eyebrows. This kind of false eyelash is similar to human hair, and it is very soft, with a little oily luster, and naturally curled up, which is very our own eyelashes as a whole. Therefore, when worn, it is mixed with real eyelashes, which is almost genuine and natural. Generally speaking, this kind of eyelash is expensive because of its good material and natural eye-catching effect.

The second category, fiber false eyelashes, is made by synthetic and knitting with chemical fiber, and the tail of fiber hair is sharpened with clear thickness. This kind of eyelash has hard hair, orderly arrangement and consistent curvature. The gloss of eyelash under illumination is higher than that of false eyelash with real hair, and its naturalness is slightly lower than that of false eyelash with real hair. This kind of eyelash has a large output and is generally cheaper in price.

Different materials of eyelashes bring different effects and experiences, so we should choose the false eyelashes that suit us practically.

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