Key points about wearing false eyelashes


False eyelashes can make our eyes bigger and more beautiful, and wearing false eyelashes correctly can make our faces more stereoscopic. Then, when we buy false eyelashes and prepare to make up at home, what problems should we pay attention to?

(1) The stem part of false eyelashes has two sides, and a layer of glue is coated on the upper and lower sides, so that the eyelashes will not become too warped or collapsed after being loaded.

(2) If there is no eyelash collapse or curling at ordinary times, it is good to follow the usual habit of applying glue.

(3) Pay attention to the disposable use of white glue on the eyelids. Once the glue is attached to the skin, it can’t be invisible if you want to re-attach it. If you are not sure, you can choose black glue and adjust the curling degree before it dries.

(4) After the glue dries, if the glue is coated more, there will be white marks. Just use a curved brush to patch the eyeliner outside the eye. It should be noted that don’t use the eyeliner pen to fill the outer eyeliner, because the eyeliner is fluid, and the transparent stalk can’t hang, but it will make the false eyelashes more obvious.

After learning these things, we will wear false eyelashes more skillfully, and we will become more beautiful!

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