Many people feel that their eyelashes are too short to look good. Besides grafting eyelash, wearing false eyelashes can also change the length of eyelashes. Wearing false eyelashes correctly can change the shape of eyes, and choosing different styles of false eyelashes will bring different effects to our eyes. However, we will find various problems when we wear false eyelashes. For example, when we first put on false eyelashes, we find that the eyelashes on our eyes fall off easily, and we have to wear them again, which will waste a lot of time. So how do we deal with this problem?
HICOCU’s advice is to put a bottle of false eyelash glue in our handbag when we usually stick false eyelashes and go out. If we feel that our eyes are open, we should quickly patch them back. Because in the position of eyes, maybe we often have tears, hair touching, or wind blowing, in these cases, eyelashes will not stick firmly.
Therefore, we will put a little more eyelash glue on the eyes of the recommenders, and then stick it on the eyes when the glue has not dried. Because the eye head is the intersection of double eyelid folds, people always blink, so the eye head is the easiest to open glue. Of course, there is another way to avoid it: cut off the first part of eyelashes, and then stick it to the corner of your eye. Because sticking eyelashes too close to your eyes will be very easy to open. We can observe the natural eyelashes now. They are characterized by sparse and short eyes and the longest eyes. When cutting eyelashes, they should conform to the natural shape of the eyes.

In addition, we should master the correct method of sticking false eyelashes, as follows: First, facing the mirror, put the false eyelashes above the eyes to compare the length, then estimate the approximate length, and then trim the front and back ends with small scissors, little by little, don’t worry. Cut out the length suitable for your eyes, and it will be more natural to wear. Secondly, when a makeup artist puts on makeup for a model, he will draw the eyeliner first, and then stick the false eyelashes at the position of the eyeliner, so that the false eyelashes can be stuck in place, and the false eyelashes will not be separated from the true eyelashes and derailed. However, many women ignore this point, which affects the aesthetics of false eyelashes, and should be corrected in time.

Eyelashes can enlarge our eyes and make our faces more three-dimensional, so we should wear false eyelashes correctly, so that false eyelashes can fully show beauty.

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