HICOCU:how to choose the shape of the false lashes

The style and type of false eyelashes are the focus of our selection. Different styles of false eyelashes will bring us different beauty. So how to choose the shape of false eyelashes?

The first thing to say is the linear false eyelashes, which are designed according to our original eyelashes. They are conformable, natural and soft, and their length and curling degree will not be exaggerated. After wearing them, they will blend with our own eyelashes more naturally and comfortably, creating a beautiful natural makeup effect.

The pursuit of daily makeup is the natural naked makeup feeling, and the straight false eyelashes are more suitable for making daily makeup. It is similar to our eyelashes, and can encrypt our eyelashes after wearing them, making eyes look bright but not abrupt, which is the icing on the cake.

The second type is crossed false eyelashes, which are thicker and longer than the first type. The length between eyelashes is patchy, which will make the face more three-dimensional and make people see your eyelashes at a glance.

This kind of false eyelash is very suitable for the occasion of going to a party. Under the illumination of the light, the thick eyelash presents the effect of three-dimensional big eyes, which is not too exaggerated and makes the eyes more charming.

The last thick eyelash is made of clusters of false eyelashes in series. Its length, curl and density are much longer and deeper than those of the above two types of false eyelashes. The material is relatively thicker and harder, which can support our eyelids better and obviously create the effect of thick eyelash roots, making people shine at the moment.

Thick false eyelashes are especially thick and curled, with strong visual effect, which can completely cover up the original eyelashes and make the eyes completely different, and is very suitable for creating delicate and wild makeup.

HICOCU has eyelashes of various shapes,welcome to browse and buy!

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