Choose high-quality mink eyelashes to make your eyes more beautiful and more comfortable when you wear them. We only make high-quality eyelashes. Below are the actual shooting and wearing skills of eyelashes~

We usually have a variety of false eyelashes on the dressing table, some are long and some are short. We always want to make the false eyelashes even more curled. So you may ask can false eyelashes use mascara. The answer is yes. The mascara will make the false eyelashes look more natural.
We can first brush a thin layer of mascara and stick false eyelashes. Before sticking false eyelashes, you must clip your eyelashes up, and you should clip them very much. In this way, after the false eyelashes are pasted, your real eyelashes can coincide with the false eyelashes, and they will not be layered, because the false eyelashes will be more warped than our own eyelashes, so we must clip them.
After that, if you cut your eyelashes into a section or paste a cluster of eyelashes, you must first apply the mascara, then paste the false eyelashes one by one, so that the eyelashes will not be too untidy and will be very natural.
If you are putting on the whole row, brush the mascara finally and stick your eyelashes. Then brush your eyelashes to make your eyelashes and false eyelashes blend together and look real.
Of course, if you take the first step to make your eyelashes curl up and fake eyelashes overlap together, there is no layering, and your own eyelashes are not easy to collapse.

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