How to trim the length of false eyelashes

False eyelashes are sometimes too long and you don’t want to make up, you want a natural effect. At this time, if you want the false eyelashes to look natural after wearing them, hicocu shares a method to measure whether the length of false eyelashes is suitable. If it is too long, use a small scissors to subtract some.

So how to trim the length of false eyelashes

Step1: before you put a false eyelash on, you should first draw an eyeliner and use an eyelash curler to pinch the curl. If you want your eyelashes to be thicker, you can use the mascara to gently wear the eyelashes.

Step 2: gently hold the false eyelashes with your hands, put them on your eyes, measure the length of eyelashes, and then trim them with small scissors.

Step 3: gently “massage” the false eyelashes, and bend the false eyelashes to make the false eyelashes become soft, especially the stem, so that the curvature of the eyelash stems should be adapted to the radian of the eyes.

Step 4: next, we will trim the length of the stem of the false eyelashes. We should pay attention that the distance between the inner corner of the eye and the middle of the eye is about 2mm, but the eyelash at the tail is longer, so the eyelash from the inner corner to the tail of the eye is gradually longer. Do not leave too long in the eye tail, otherwise it is easy to degumm and affect the effect of the false eyelashes. Also note that the two eyes of false eyelashes must be cut symmetrically, so as to present the most perfect natural effect.

Choose the right false eyelashes and trim them properly, you will get more suitable false eyelashes for you!

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